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Are you tired of someone with their thumb on the back of your neck? Controlling your time and money!!


In C- Student to CEO you will learn how to buy back your time and money freedoms by learning the proven blueprint strategies and systems that my family and I have used to build multiple companies. If you have children or parent children we also share formulas and strategies to set your children's future up for success by establishing LLCs structuring solid credit and building private family banking systems. Many people want to create income but it's not just the income they're looking for it's what the income can provide for them which is usually time freedom. C Student to CEO will definitely guide you to achieving your goals.

You will also receive my free business start-up course that includes hours of education and 2 other E-Books. 

- Where's My Hidden Money? E-Book

- Financial Literacy E-Book

If you are truly ready to level up add this course to you education.



In the generational wealth blueprint course you will learn proven strategies to build existing wealth and wealth that you can leave for generations to come. You will learn how to leverage taxes and credit to your advantage. Learn how to establish a private family banking system to build wealth using life insurance as a leveraging tool. Learn how to buy real estate and vehicles the way the wealthy does. Also learn one of the most sought after strategies of sending your kids to college totally free!

If you want to skip the self paced education and work with me one on one, keep reading below. 


My coaching is from a place of truth. I have no personal agenda, except to help you get clear and achieve the results you desire. I will challenge you to examine your mindset, actions and current results. 


Coaching happens face to face or virtually in Atlanta, Georgia or wherever I am in the world.


I only want to work together with you if:


You are 100% committed to yourself and willing to do the necessary actions to build the life you want


You are not a headache


I vibe with you and I like what you are about


You want to impact and inspire: in your life, in your world, in THE WORLD


You are ready to work with me



Your investment will grant you 10 hours with me, usually five (2 hour sessions)

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