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Raising A Mogul back cover
The hardest job in the world truly is raising a mogul. No one has the manual to guide you. We searched extensively for thought leaders who slay parenting, influencing, leadership, entrepreneurship, and Raising A Mogul! 
This manual provides:
A full resource of inspirational parenting 
Why the old mindset towards children's futures is obsolete 
Practical examples of daily life with kidpreneur methods to overcome situations to prepare your child. 
These parents have proven that children don't have to be adults to begin contributing to and changing the world. Their children have successfully moved from ideas into successful businesses. Wondering what it's like to parent a self-made child millionaire? Wonder how you can balance work, laundry, school and siblings while your child builds an empire? 
These families pushed through trauma, divorce, financial struggles, single parenting, and other obstacles which could have blocked a child's dream.

Raising A Mogul Manual

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