Who is Sean J. Harris

Sean J Harris is a former Non-Commissioned officer in the United States Air Force, serving during the Persian Gulf War. He was born in Atlanta Georgia. He is the second of three children. Sean has an extensive and diverse background in Aerospace propulsion, Law Enforcement and Real Estate. Sean has always had strong desires and ambitions to benefit and take full advantage of the free enterprise system that many take for granted in this country. Sean is a serial author. He is a 4x author. His books includes Best selling Leaving Forward Towards Success, The Ultimate Personal Trainer, K-lock Raising A Kidpreneur and The 21 Day Success Plan. Sean's determination and discipline afforded him an opportunity to start his own business in the real estate industry prior to starting his successful consulting firm.


Sean's accomplishments prepared him to be an excellent student of Business Development and has developed into one of the country's top leaders in business. Sean has helped many business owners start their businesses from their inceptions. He has launched a company for both his eight year old daughter as well as his  seven year old son. His daughter's company has been featured on local and national news platforms as well as being featured in several magazine publication's nationwide. Sean feels that it is important to create financial literacy and to create a firm foundation for business ownership at an early age. Sean comes from a family of entrepreneurs. One of the first African American owned hotels in Atlanta, in the Auburn Ave District was owned by his family member. Sean is very active in his local Cub Scout Troop 1891 that his son is involved. He teaches and lead young men in mentorship. Sean hosts several events such as Daddy Daughter events, Boys Mentorship Academies. Sean and his family live in the Atlanta Georgia area.


Sean enjoys helping as many people as possible, who want to be helped in developing successful businesses of their own and to seek a better way and quality of life. Today business ownership is providing Sean and his family with what they desire most, freedom to choose, and to have the time to pursue their purpose on this earth. His business is his ministry, which allows him to live a Purpose Driven Life.

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